Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Backyard Picnic

With a clean house fit for moving and showing to potential renters, the kitchen has been added to the list of rooms that are "off limits" for messes. Thus, this mama is getting a break from cooking dinner! Mr. Wonderful had stumbled upon a 2003 bottle of Merlot at our local grocery store, so we decided it would be a wonderful time to order Chinese food and have a backyard picnic.
I'm really going to miss this view of the trees from out my back door...
I think this was an artistic shot attempt that came after drinking the fabulous bottle of wine.
Mr. Wonderful and Bug... exploring our yard. (If you didn't know any better, you could almost guess this photo was taken in the 70s!)

Little Pup... Being cute in his Bumbo...
The ever so handsome (even if he has given up on shaving) Mr. Wonderful!
Bug. Exploring.
The best Chinese food ever! If you are ever in the lowcountry, look up Dragon Express in Summerville, SC. Mr. Wonderful and I swear it is the best we've ever had... and he's spent time in Hong Kong!
Bug loves those trees!
"Have a drink!"
Such a busy boy...
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me?!?" (Mr. Wonderful is shy... can you tell?)
My favorite photo of them all.

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