Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tales from McDonalds

Most of the day around the Wonderful Household was spent packing. You know... with visions of this...
And this...

And since we were foolish enough to get the living room carpet of our rental house cleaned a full week ahead of our move, the space is off limits to muddy boots and toddlers. (Hey, I've got to keep that awesome stripy pattern in the carpet for final inspection!)

The kiddopotamus' were getting a bit antsy by lunchtime. Since it was a gazillion degrees with a gazillion percent humidity, the park was way out of the question. (How DO you Southerners' do it? I mean, it explains why Scarlet O'Hara's kin in their massive dresses were always fainting... But, damn!)

Being the doll that he is, Mr. Wonderful decided to scoop us all up and head over to the air-conditioned McDonald's playground for lunch.

Pup looking cute in his high chair.

Bug happily munching on his Happy Meal.

"Whaaaattttt?! We're out of fries???!? Say it ain't so!!!"

"Hand over the fries, and nobody gets hurt."

Oh... and to the lady in the purple top... wherever you are...

Yes, I know Mr. Wonderful is de-lish. Yes, I know that it is totally hot and sexy that he can play with a toddler at the top of the playground equipment looking handsome (even though I rushed him out of the house today before he had a chance to shave). Yes, I know that he's got such a sweet Oklahoma drawl and a smile that makes women go weak in the knees.

No, sticking out your chest while you try to engage in conversation is NOT okay. Especially when you can blatantly see his WIFE sitting six feet away with their other child.

Seriously mamas... hitting on men at McDonald's? NOT COOL!!

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