Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why My Life Isn't a Reality TV Show

I think it is the ex-claims adjuster in me that finds TruTV so entertaining. I mean, why else would someone watch a show about auto repossessers who find anal beads and sex toys in then trunk of a car? Not that I am into those things... But the strange, twisted things people do around/in/with their cars is highly amusing to me.

Which also makes me wonder, what other twisted things do people find amusing? How strange would it be to be on a reality television show, with all of the things you do just floating out there in the open for everyone to see?

While I'm sure that kind of attention is what people like, I think they'd be rather confused if they viewed what was going on around the Wonderful household.

For example, Mr. Wonderful and I were having a discussion comparing our hometowns of Tucson and Tulsa to each other. He mentioned that Tulsa was the "belt buckle of the Bible Belt", to which I agreed.

"Tucson and Tulsa aren't that much different," I added. "I mean, except for the fact that instead of religion and tornadoes, we have margaritas and cacti."

It is these random, almost comical conversations that we have on a daily (if not hourly) basis that make sense to us, but would confuse the general public. Granted, I think blogging is a small snippet of a reality show to the public. But when I ramble on about how Bug somehow got stuck under Pup's crib, you can just scroll past it and quit reading. Instead of watching the whole thing play out with dramatic background music and pauses for commercial interruption.

Besides, have you ever stopped to think about how clean you would have to keep your house on a consistent basis if there was a camera crew following you everywhere? Cluttered is cute if you are Jessica Simpson circa early-2000s, but spaghetti from a toddler's dinner tantrum last night crusted to linoleum isn't so adorable.

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