Friday, April 8, 2011

Channeling My Inner Tulsa

Another day of packing. However, this time was a bit different. It was the first real day since Mr. Wonderful had been back from his house hunting trip to Oklahoma. While he was gone, I had the luxury of being able to pack in my own haphazard way, picking and choosing items to carefully be placed in boxes as I pleased. With him home, however, our styles of organization are clashing. His is more Marine Corps Boot Camp. And mine? Dory from Finding Nemo.

Nonetheless, he eventually turned his attention to matters regarding yard work. Our property management company had requested that we trim the lawn and edge the concrete patio before we leave next week. Thank goodness, as it gave me a break from his ever booming interference in my careful observation of items I hadn't seen in six months. (Or, longer.... Have I mentioned how incredibly unorganized my office space is?)

I flipped on a Tulsa country radio station via my iPhone. I figured while I was at it, I would throw on a faded Oklahoma state tee shirt and belt out Reba, Trisha, and Carrie with as much gusto as I could muster. Three songs in, Garth Brooks' Rodeo began to play. Memories of college karoke nights filled with Jack Daniels and handsome cowboys who'd never even ridden a horse flooded my mind. Back then, all I wanted to do was move to Oklahoma, go to college, and live out my party days. I never did either... life interfered, marriage happened, and so did two incredibly adorable babies.

From the window, I saw Mr. Wonderful in the yard, breaking a sweat as he raked pine needles from our lawn. Yep, life is funny sometimes in how it comes full circle. But, I'm so glad it did.

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